Next Monday morning

Next Monday morning I will wake up, from a sleepless night, and drive 
to the beautiful building of Stampin' Up! where I will begin a new adventure of my career. 

Last Wednesday, 12/1/10, I got a call from Stampin' Up! to inform me that I was chosen to work in their sales department, as a graphic designer.  With excitement, I accepted the job and will be starting next Monday, 12/13/10.

I am full of a million emotions.  I am so excited to be working for such a great company, but the move?  I was so excited to move until it was official ... now I'm not so sure what to think.  I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time.

The new adventure is exciting and I will love working at Stampin' Up!
I still plan on doing announcements and invitations, so please don't forget about me!