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Exciting news! My Wedding announcements/invitations were featured in
the Summer Edition of Southern Utah Bride Magazine.

This past spring, the editor of Southern Utah Bride Magazine, Jimmy Bishop, contacted me about putting together an article for the Summer edition of his magazine. I was expecting the process of designing the article to go much like it does at Stampin' Up! where I work; the writers give me the written article, the photographers supply me with great photographs, and then I design the layout. This experience was completely new and different. Jimmy wanted me do do the whole thing
from the ground up. It was quite an interesting process. 

I knew I would need help writing the article, so I called Courtney Orton, who has worked for KSL Channel 5 News for several years. She
was more than willing to help out. We met a few times and worked on
some ideas. After the idea was finalized, I began to work on five samples that would be featured. It was a challenge to create five totally different invitation concepts, but it was exciting to come up with some fresh, new ideas. When the samples were complete, a talented co-worker of mine, Casey Hyer, arranged and photographed each invitation. Then Courtney wrote a paragraph describing each invitation suite. Finally, I designed the layout of the article. I love how the finished product turned out! There are still copies of the magazine available in various locations around St. George if you want to
take a look.

Here is the first of the five invitations featured (more to come):

Think outside the box and put your invitation in a box. It’s a more pricey option, but certainly modern, fun, and one of a kind. The box holds the invitation, handcrafted crepe flowers, and celebration
and ceremony cards. Tie it up with a ribbon, a few more flowers, and a festive tag to make it an invitation like no other!

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  1. Haylee... Congratulations on your invitation spread in S.U.Bride magazine... what an honor! It's beautiful, hope you get great response from readers and editors too! Your cuz... Kathy